Kupfer Radler

Original wort: 10,9%, alcohol content: 2,6% vol. ¹ ²

Kupfer Spezial and this lemonade are the best of friends!

What does Kupfer Spezial bring to this relationship? Fine, long-lasting, eggshell-coloured head, fine and glossy. Not forgetting the wonderful, dark copper colour. Even if the beer does not steal the limelight in the shandy, it still plays a supporting role.

Citrus notes dominate when it comes to aroma. Fine and flighty - despite the soft and velvety body of the beer! The fine caramel notes and pleasant contrast to the fruity freshness also come from Kupfer Spezial. It has fine roast aromas and caramel and chocolate notes on the first sip and on the palate.

¹ = contains gluten    ² = anti-oxidants


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